Why Local SEO is Important?


Why is Local SEO important?

When you have a business, you have to make sure that you are investing worth your time and money in promoting it. However, if your business has more local customers than global, you need to pay attention to the local SEO. This is again a marketing practice that mainly focuses on locals. Therefore, if you have a retail business, a diagnostic Center, a gym, etc., you should pay more attention to the local SEO.

Implementing the best practice and making the best use is not something that everyone is specialized in. Local SEO is the optimizing practice for the website to improve the leads, traffic, and brand awareness from the local searches. Some of the most commonly done tasks associated with local SEO comprises finding the local keywords, optimizing businesses for Google My Business Profile, and NAP citations.

What is the importance of local SEO?

Well, there is no doubt that local SEO is one of the most usual aspects of any local business; however, if you are new and wondering whether it is a good choice, then I will brief you on some of the most understandable local SEO statistics.

  • 46% of the overall searches in Google is made from the local indent
  • 29% of the SERPs comprises of the local bank in its results
  • 76% of the people who are searching for something visit the store on that day itself

Hopefully, from the above-mentioned statistics, it is now clear that local searches have a huge chunk in the SEO world. Thus, if you are able to get your local business on top of the searches, the chances are high that your customers will walk to your door just a few minutes later.

Therefore, being a business that wishes to get more customers, the first thing that you should do is to improve your local research. Following the best local SEO practice will offer the best results in terms of improved revenue structure. This will help to get the answer for how to rank local SEO in Dubai

How does the local SEO work?

When you are able to make the best attempt for local SEO, you have to make sure that you are doing the high-level practice. Remember, when your local SEO is done at a proper level, it will work just like regular Google searches.

Google has a very strategic approach to search. Generally, Google will scan through the index to offer the best results for the person’s query. It does; when you are able to use the right keywords which your target customers are looking for, the chances are high that you will get the best results.

The only thing that makes local SEO unique and attractive for businesses is that Google makes use of a completely different set of ranking factors which is used by the businesses to rank in the results of local searches. When a business is able to use all these ranking factors properly in the marketing approach, they can witness the best results within a very less time.

So if you are willing to know what are the local SEO factors that are unique ranking signals, then you are at the right place. Here are some of them: 

  • NAP citation
  • Locations that the people are searching from
  • Make the presence in the Google my business listing
  • Replying to Online reviews
  • Keywords are used properly in the Google my business profile
  • Keywords should be used properly in online reviews
  • Most shares on the social media
  • Making an approach to improve the number of check-ins in the location
  • Business’s Google maps star rating

These are some of the most common ranking factors that are used for improving the local search results. Therefore, you have to make sure that the local SEO experts in Dubai that you are choosing have the knowledge on the ranking factors so that the effort put into improving the business should actually show results.

Map Pack: 

Map Pack, which is also known as the Local Pack, is the set of 3 local business results. This is the map of the location that is actually being pulled from the Google maps. 

Suppose you are making a search for Barber Boston, Google will show the top results. It has the Map pack from where it will find the results. After the top results, you will find the other normal results have been listed below. 

So, here I will show about the way Google will rank the business in The Map Pack in the coming guide. However, for now, we will just have to keep in mind that Map Pack has its own algorithm where you have to follow its own set of rules. 

No doubt that there are some rankings factors that will surely become helpful on traditional organic results and also for local results. But the other factors like NAPs are one of the most crucial ranking factors in The Map Pack. 

One of the prime things that I would definitely need to say is that Google will only show the local results for the keywords which have a specific state and city. In case Google thinks that the searches will require local results, they will show the results to you, even when the keywords are not local. 

It’s vital to bear in mind while you do the keyword research for local businesses to use the place. This will help to improve your traffic and optimize your store and the city. There are many cases where generic keywords for stores that do not have any location get more searches than the stores with a city included. 

So now that you have acquired some knowledge, let us find out the way to track the rankings of local SEO. 

How to Track Rankings of Map Pack? 

The very first step that you need to become successful at the SEO campaign is to track where you are. This will offer more knowledge to take the right steps. Especially if you are looking for the rank in your Map Pack, you have to make sure that you are keeping track of the rankings every time. Remember that every rank tracker available on the planet has the Map pack track. 

The most common issue is that when you are doing the local SEO, you can find a huge search. The results of map packs can become entirely different from one to another mile to next. If someone is looking for the “coffee shop on 72nd st and 2nd avenue in NYC”, the results will be customized depending on where the person is standing. 

In fact, you will find the same result to be performed in a different way when done from a few blocks. When you track the local ranking from the same location, you can find the same sample over and over again. This is the reason why you require getting super granular with the local rankings. This way, you will be able to find where you are actually ranking in your local area or city. 

  • The very first step is by choosing the business name 
  • Then choose the keyword that you want to check 
  • Finally, choose other specifications that you wish to track

It requires thorough knowledge of local SEO to be able to stand and become among the first three choices of The Map Pack by Google. 

Local Organic Rankings

If you have a business that needs more local customers, you need to make sure about the Map Pack. That being said, you would not want to ignore local results completely. You must know that the local organic results are shown just below the Map Pack. 

You should not get fooled thinking that those are Map Pack. Since most of the local searches have great commercial intent, it is definitely worth ranking in local SERPs when it comes to local businesses. Unlike Map pack results, local results are somewhere the same for Google SERP. 

Therefore if you wish to optimize the site for local, organic rankings, you definitely would have to use the keywords in the URL, title tag, and other on-page SEO. Basically, the most unique aspect of the local organic rankings is the way you are tracking them. Remember that store + city does only a fraction of the local searches. 

Therefore, apart from Boston barber, you would also need to track the rankings like “Barber near me” and “Barber.” When you do the research work of everything about your local business, you get a thorough idea about where you are standing. 

Local SEO Keyword Research

Local keyword research is one of the most important aspects of any business. This is true that local SEO gets huge success, but you have to make sure that the keywords researched are proper. Keywords are definitely a great part of any SEO, and therefore with the use of the best tools, you will be able to make a shortlist of local keywords. 

  • Yelp Suggest: This work is similar to Google Suggest. All you need is to type the keyword that is mostly used in your area to find your business. This is when you will be able to find the suggested results. One of the most amazing facts about Yelp is that it will show the keywords that might not contain the term that you have typed. Like when you search for “Japanese,” they will also show results for ‘Asian Fusion food.” 
  • Google Suggest: Google suggest is also something that works mainly for local searches. However, the only thing that you require is to keep in mind that the local searches have the keywords that local customers are searching for. Like when you like “HVAC”, the range of suggestions that you find underneath are some of your most informational keywords. These are the things that are mostly searched by local customers. 
  • Local Voice Searches: As Google says, 20% of the searches done on Google are done with voice searches. The prime difference between keyboard and voice search is that voice searches are longer and make use of natural language. Therefore while you are looking for the keywords, you have to keep this in mind.
  • GKP: Google Keyword Planner will offer you the volume data of the searches for any specific geographical area. Thus, when you have the keyword bunch, and you are willing to pick the best, this is one of the most helpful bunch. You can use the feature named “Start WIth A Website.” This will help you to find the results. 

You can make use of these tools to be able to find the keywords that you find helpful for your business. However, you must know that expertise is required when you choose. 

Ranking Factors of Local SEO 

Now that you have started with the local SEO, you should be very aware of the ranking factors. You need to make sure that you are meeting the needs to be able to get the best results and improve your performance. 

  • GMB Profile: Just a few years back, Moz ran the “Local Search Ranking Factors Study”. They came up with the result that the top-ranking doctor on the Map Pack is GMB profile. You have to keep in mind that the local business website is a crucial asset. Every content that you have in the page and its links pointing play a vital role in improving the Map Pack rankings. 
  • NAP: NAP signifies Name, Address, and Phone Number. You have to make sure about the citations, as this is again a huge part of the SEP ranking signal. NAP citations are the places where the address, name, and phone number have been listed. Why is this vital? Google makes use of the NAPs to make sure that business information is proper. 
  • Online reviews: You also need to keep in mind that the “review Signals’ are also one of the most important factors. Especially, it has been stated that the negative reviews have a bad impact on your business GMB profile. Google makes use of user reviews as the 3rd most important factor. Therefore you have to make sure that you get more positive reviews for your website. 
  • Normal SEO is still applicable: You should always know that you have to apply the traditional ranking factors of Google. In fact it has also been confirmed by Google that ranking in SERPs can have a great impact on your local rankings as well. Therefore, this is sure that when you rank higher in the organic result, the higher you can rank on The Map Pack. 

These are some of the most common ranking factors that you need to know when it comes to improving your local SEO. 

On-Site SEO: 

You must know that your on-site SEO is one of the most important factors to play a major role in your local SEO. You have to make sure of a lot of on-page approaches that you are making to specifically design the website so that it can rank for local customers. Therefore following are some of the most important strategies that you need to keep in mind when it comes to your on-page or on-site SEO.

  • Write unique content for each and every location: This is no more a secret that Google will want you to write a hundred percent unique content for every side that you have for different locations. Therefore, if the Business services are available both in Brooklyn and Boston, you have to make sure that each and every page content is completely different and unique and uses the keywords based on the location. This can be a lot helpful in ranking local organic results. When you can serve your local folks in the area, your traffic will immediately convert.
  • Use schema for local SEO: When it is about the local SEO, you must know that schema markup is a very nice thing to have. That being said, you can get an entire category for schema markup, especially for local businesses. Like you can use the schema to mark up the phone number and address. You must make sure to implement it correctly so that you can actually enjoy the benefit of it.
  • Use cliffhangers on title tag: This is one of the known techniques that is used by Facebook ad Guru. This can work great for local businesses. The prime idea is that you have to start with a strong title tag that has a benefit-driven statement. Make sure that the statement you are making goes beyond the tag limit of Google. Such cut-off will create an open loop which will lead to improved clicks. Andrew Holland, who is a banklinko reader, used this technique for the local businesses and enjoyed its benefit.

Advanced local SEO strategies and tips:

So in order to get success in local SEO, you have to make sure that you are using some of the advanced tips and techniques. So following are some of them that can really help you in your endeavor.

  • Thumbtacks adjust: This is again one of the most advantageous ways to find local keywords and to optimize them. Like when you write cleaners, you will find a number of suggestions. Therefore you can include a bunch of specific terms to play the perfect landing page. What I mean is if you are a cleaner, you have to make sure what type of cleaner you are. If you are a carpet dry cleaner, you have to specify it. This will help you to get the perfect targeted customers for your business.
  • Include Google Maps on the about page: This is again one of the most important suggestions offered by Google as it offers a great way to specify your place. It helps Google to understand where you are located and offer suggestions to your targeted customers. All you need is to find your business on Google Maps. Once you’re done, you have to find the little drop-down menu available on the top left corner and then click on “share or embed map.
  • Use the location-specific keywords: In my opinion, and since I have experienced it, I feel that this is one of the most helpful ways to improve your local organic rankings. You have to make use of your local-specific keywords and use it on top of the headline. This will immediately help the readers to get knowledge about your location and move ahead to choosing you. Since you have only two seconds to impress the local searches, when you use the specific keywords on the headings, it emphasizes them to choose you over making further searches.
  • Double-dipping title tag: despite being an old-school issue message, it is still one of the best ways that can work perfectly for your local businesses. So all you need is to optimize the homepage by writing title tags around 2 to 3 keywords. This is yet one of the most beneficial ways because most of the local businesses get only a few links to their internal pages. Since you have to squeeze the utmost value from the homepage, using keywords in the best possible way can yield a great outcome.
  • Optimize the meta description: This is no more a secret that meta description is one of the most amazing and the simplest ways to improve your organic ranking. Unfortunately, several local businesses that are planning to improve their business are using keywords stuffed descriptions. However, if you take a closer look, you will find that Google emphasizes more on the terms that go with the business. For example, if you are working for a hotel and the keyword is “Hotel New York,” you will find most of the Google ads for local SEO campaigns run with some terms like “price guarantee,” “free update,” and “save.”

Final Verdict:

 So now that you have found everything about the local SEO, you can start with your own. The local SEO checklist here will definitely help you in improving your rankings and enjoying better businesses. No doubt that this is a dynamic platform that keeps changing; you have to pay attention to the techniques properly. You have to make use of some old-school techniques along with the new changes to find the real advantages of doing a proper local SEO.

I have been working as a local SEO provider for a long time now, and I have found these techniques from my own experience. Even when some of the new and some are old, this is definitely a great choice to improve your Local SEO rankings. Digital Habibi is known as the top local SEO Dubai. You can get in touch with me to find the best results.

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