What is SEO? Ultimate Guide 2023

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving the website ranking and traffic on search engines. Some of the most popular search engines like Bing, Google, and others will help you get a proper ranking when you follow the best SEO strategies.

The search engine optimization process generally includes creating content, monitoring the technical health of your website, gaining healthy links from other authoritative websites to your site, maintaining a good local presence, and much more. 

There is a need to understand search engine optimization and a range of essential things that can be beneficial. So, today we will learn more about how search engines work.

One of the most popular search engines, Google, mainly uses complicated processes, also known as algorithms. It is mainly provided to the marketers to help them organize content in a manner so that they can rank. While there are several search engines, different search engines have different algorithms. 

There is a need for marketers to have knowledge about the algorithm and make changes so that they can improve their page rank. The algorithms will pay attention to a broad aspect of ranking factors to decide the page rank of a website.

To be precise, search engines will check all the digital content and then organize the information in their result pages so that users can find the information quickly. Search engines’ ultimate goal is to provide users with user-friendly and comprehensive information.

The most relevant aspect of search engines is incorporating keywords into the content. These keywords are actually words or phrases that users mostly use while they look for any information. So, marketers often need to understand the relevance of keywords and then put them on their website. Apart from this, there is also a need to have knowledge about the idea of keyword volume and not overpass it.

You can use a range of tools like Keyword Overview tool or Keyword Magic Tool to find out if the strategy makes sense for your business. Always remember that when you use keywords several times, it is not a best practice. It is an outdated practice that would not help you to rank. Instead, using keywords strategically can help guide the users and keep them sticking to you.

How does Google work?

The very prime goal of any SEO strategy is to rank higher on Google. There are several stages that are required to rank your content. However, without proper knowledge, ranking higher in such a competitive search engine is impossible. So following are the most common stages you need to follow to rank your content and website.


Google has several bots that are used by this top search engine to crawl the entire web. They look for updated or new pages with relevant information. To find a page in Google, there is a need for the page to have links pointing toward it. In simple language, when a page has more links, it is easier for Google to find the page and get the information.


After thoroughly analyzing the URL, the bot will try to discover and find out what the page is all about. Google will start assessing a range of things like images, content, and other files. It will then store the information in its index and show it as per the user research.


After Google has appropriately assessed the URL, it will find out the pages relevant to the search queries. It will then organize the pages accordingly in the search engine results pages.

Google algorithm

It generally refers to the internal process of Google for ranking content. There are several factors that are taken into account while making a decision. Google algorithm keeps changing and has already changed several times over the year. However, recently it has been more into understanding the search intent of the language models.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems is that the internet cycle is not yet crystal clear to marketers. It is understandable why Google would not show its magic formula so tightly. Luckily, some best practices have been carved depending on the usage. That being said, we have included some of the most valuable practices that you can do to improve your ranking.

Check the following to find the best piece of advice.

  • Intent: So the first thing you need to pay attention to is whether your content can answer the question of users or what information they want to find. Some of the major factors like fresh content, easy language, and synonyms might make some significant difference in this phase.
  • Relevance: Once the algorithm of Google has deemed that the content in your website meets the search engine, it will then scan the Google index to find whether the content is relevant. Hence, on-page SEO plays a vital role. You will likely improve your rank in search engine result pages if you provide relevant and explicit content to the searchers.
  • Quality: You might already think that you have reached the content quality with relevance and the Google search engine. However, the reality is quality is an entirely different factor for the Google algorithm. Many marketers refer to it as EAT, which means expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. So, when your content meets all these three things, it will be called quality content.

Google penalties 

Google penalties are often known as negative consequences or the effects that will impact the website ranking. These are the penalties manually done by Google when they find appropriate SEO tactics. So, you have to make sure you avoid some of the most common mistakes that will lead to penalties.

There is a need to learn the basics of SERP. It will become easier to understand the myths and find out the reality.

Read the following to find out more.

  • Make sure to remove duplicate content.
  • Remove everything on the website that requires disavowing.
  • Find out the contact email addresses for the website.
  • Remove all the links with a natural link.
  • Get rid of 404 errors.

While there are multiple other things that you need to know about the Google penalties, these are some of the most common things that you need to know. Check SEO techniques to know more. 

What is the importance of SEO?

SEO is considered a crucial aspect as it can help any website boost online visibility. Social media and paid advertising are considered the best ways to improve visibility. But the real beauty of search engine optimization is that it can provide a continuous traffic flow over time when you properly perform the steps and strategies. So with a proper social media optimization strategy, you will be able to get free traffic to your website.

When you publish high-quality pages that can answer the search intent correctly, they will be able to get the top ranking in the search engine results pages. It is considered the best page for marketers who want to come closer to their customers. It is the place where most of your searchers come to find a familiar solution, and hence getting the top result is always the foremost thing that marketer is required to do.

Apart from this, a lot of additional reasons are there that compel marketers to prioritize SEO. When you choose to follow the best SEO strategy, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages.

  • Get more leads
  • Improve conversion ratio
  • Encourage sales

What are the major aspects of search engine optimization? 

SEO is all about practice and the art of convincing the search engines that your content has the relevance, authoritativeness, and answers that the users are looking for. In order to guide the search engines, you require following a set of procedures. It includes all of the following steps to acquire the best ranking. So read the following to know more about search engine optimization and how to improve your results.

On-Page SEO: 

On-page SEO is a web page content optimization practice that is the first thing every marketer would do. Unlike the other off-page strategies, you will be able to control these factors. So following are the examples of on-page SEO factors that you need to include in your SEO strategy.

  • Keywords: You need to start the content creation process by conducting thorough keyword research. With many tools available in the market, you can choose one of the best and most suitable tools you want. You will be able to find data about the number of people using the searches for this particular keyword and understand the difficulties of ranking. It will help you to make informed decisions and target appropriately.
  • Content creation: If you have already chosen primary and secondary keywords for a particular topic, it is time to start creating content based on the user’s intent. It would help you to determine what the users are looking for. If someone is searching for Honda pilot colours, ensure that you include the different colours along with the supportive images to help users acquire relevant details.
  • Page speed: You must know that you only have a few seconds to impress your viewers. Your users will leave the page if you don’t offer information quickly. So it is recommended to enhance the page speed by making use of Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool. Increasing the tool analyses any issue and will provide additional tips to improve.
  • Internal linking: Google will always crawl internally by using the different links, which means that when you have internal linking, it will help your users to stay on your website for long. Links also give confidence and provide an authoritative view to your page. So when you can create more internal linking, not only can you retain your users but also improve your ranking.

Off-Page SEO: 

Off-page SEO is generally described as the tactics which take place beyond the web. The off-page SEO tactics will become helpful for the searchers and search engines to find out if the website is trustworthy, relevant, and authoritative.

While the off-page SEO tactics will include the most common areas like influencer marketing and social media, Link building is another most crucial aspect. Link building is generally referred to as getting quality links from other websites. When your website gets more high-quality backlinks, it notifies Google about your website and can boost its traffic in authority.

Making sure to get quality links that do not have spammy backlinks will positively impact your website. However, if you earn positive backlinks, it will give a positive boost. Avoid taking shortcuts or buying links as it would lead to penalties.


Content is considered the central aspect of search engine optimization. Although it is something old, it still retains the most strength. So what do you mean by content in terms of search engine optimization? 

The answer is when your content is better, you will be able to acquire a better position in the search engine results pages. The difference between poor and great content is in their tone, keyword use, and structure. There are some significant things to focus on in order to get the best ranking.

  • Meta description and meta titles: When it comes to the content, you must determine its major content areas. You must know first what Google will show to the user in the search engine result pages.

To be more accurate, a meta title is something that can elaborate clearly on what the page is all about. So, it will bring significant users to your website. It is also one of the main reasons your users will click on your website.

Paying attention to meta descriptions and titles is considered the main thing in the sales copy. It will help Google understand the piece of content and its purpose. So make sure to include the primary keyword in the meta description so that it becomes helpful for search engines and users. 

  • Heading: You must know that the title is the first thing your users see when they land on your website. So, it is a critical thing for Google. Just like meta titles, there is a need to include terms that the users primarily search for. Again, it is a crucial signal that will help Google understand whether your content is valuable or not.
  • Writing style: You have to make sure that you write straightforward, focused, and simple content that is easy to understand. Make sure to include short sentences without any chunks. Do not go out of the topic and try to solve the pain point of users. Organizing your content is another valuable thing that will help to engage your users.
  • Outbound Links: Outbound links, also known as external links, are the sources that confirm content accuracy. When your content gets more outbound links, it shows the credibility of the author and the website.

What is the type of content that you can create?

There is a range of content types available that you can choose according to your business. Make sure you create a proper content strategy and then make different formats to enjoy its benefits.

Some of the known formats are how-to guides, lists, tables, graphics, long-form content, infographics, e-books, webinars, videos, and other block contents.

Technical SEO

You need to pay attention to technical SEO to improve your website ranking. An excellent technical SEO strategy will become helpful as it ensures the readability of your content to Google along with assessing its information. 

Top priorities of technical SEO: 

  • Page speed: you have to ensure that every page on the website is fast so that every user can get the best experience.
  • Mobile friendly: Mobile friendly is one of the major requirements of Google. Google will initially evaluate if your content is performing properly on mobile devices, and then it will check the other details to give the ranking.
  • User interface: Google will always recommend websites that appeal to users. The website layout is one of the most important things that users will check initially. They will land on your page and retain it when they find an attractive and easy-to-understand website.
  • Schema markup: It is a process that elaborates if your content is understandable to Google. Using schema markup can help Google to understand and digest the content easily.

Local SEO

If your business gets more local customers, you must improve your local online presence. In such times, you must pay attention to the search queries specific to the local areas. One of the most common local keywords is “pizza near me.” This will show the users all the places where they can find pizza nearby their location.

Creating a Google business profile is one of the most important things you must not forget. It will become helpful for businesses to find relevance to their search queries.


So, now that you have learned about the SEO starter guide, hopefully, you will be able to perform the steps correctly. I have included the ultimate guide to SEO so that it becomes easier for both beginners and advanced-level work. If you cannot manage such a vast responsibility, you can choose Digital Habibi. With my experience and knowledge of algorithm changes, I can make sure to provide the ultimate result and experience to my clients.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How much time does SEO require to show results?

You should know that search engine optimization is not an overnight thing. It is a long-term strategy that will bear the best and sweetest fruits only when you can implement the best SEO strategy. It includes both off and on-page optimization.

I have included an on-page SEO Guide along with the off-page requirements in this SEO Guide. You will be able to acquire all the details that you need to improve your performance. From the basic SEO Guide, I have included the ultimate guide to help you both technically and in general perspective.

2. How do I get the first rank on Google?

Well, you must know that no such strategy can help you get the first rank overnight. It is a long-term process you can keep doing to acquire a stronghold in your rank. With this SEO starter Guide, you will find all the essential things along with the technical requirements to help you in your endeavor. Remember that you always need to create a distinctive and trending strategy if you want to improve your result. Hopefully, the beginner SEO Guide is beneficial for you.

3. Do I need to choose an SEO expert?

If you wish to get the best ranking, you can always choose an expert. An experienced personality who has already handled the challenges and is aware of the trends will always become a valuable inclusion in your promotion. So, apart from choosing the ultimate guide to SEO that I have included, you can also choose Digital Habibi to acquire the best ranking and results.

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