What is Beacons AI? How does it work?

Beacons AI

All the custom domain websites and social media pages have become crowded. These days, it can be really a significant challenge to show the followers and fans where exactly they will be able to find you, especially if you are using several user names on different pages.

One of the most common solutions is linking the different social media handles and websites in all the bios. However, this does not become a feasible solution for many people. In this way, their bios will be completely filled quickly, and they will not be able to highlight the several other essential features that they want to show in their bio.

So, choosing an innovative solution can be a great way. Using a link aggregator is one of the best solutions, like Beacons. However, if this is the first time you’re listening to this term, you might be wondering what it is and how does it work? Well, to help you get all the different answers, stick to this review and find out more about Beacons.

What is the Beacons AI?

Beacons.AI is a popular link aggregator at its core. The most significant purpose of this tool is to display all the website links and social media links in a presentable manner to the customers, subscribers and followers. They make sure that it does not overcrowd your buyers but quickly fills in innovative ways. It helps them to find you seamlessly on several other platforms that you are on.

In recent days, this is one of the major AI-powered tools which has expanded at a tremendous rate. However, this AI-powered Link tool has now also been used as an advanced mobile website builder. It helps people to easily create a custom landing page where they can showcase their products or monetize several other pages by making use of Beacons blocks.

Who are the best choices for Beacons AI?

Beacons AI is a popular tool for several purposes. However, this tool tends to become the perfect choice for social media, influencers, amateur social media users, content creators, online marketers, and everyone who is associated with the internet and is a source of earning for them. It helps to retain these people in different other platforms.

For example, if you have been working as an influencer and running several pages on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok, you will definitely look for viewers and subscribers from each platform so that they can easily find you on the other platforms. So you can simply add the link to the Beacon page on the social media bio of every platform.

This tool has become one of the most commonly chosen for online stores and marketers. Thankfully, they have some of the innovative e-commerce tools which make it easier for followers to keep a check on the products and purchase through this tool.

For instance, if you want, you can easily add a TikTok shopping blog where you generally display products and attach a REEL about reviewing it with an appropriate CTA button like BUY.

How does this tool actually work?

Let us take a look at its core level. Beacon is a tool that generally works like a link aggregator tool. It allows users to easily add unlimited links within the profile and compile them into a good-looking page. Therefore, the AI inbuilt into this tool provides a neat and short link that you can attach to all the social media bios that you are linked with.

Apart from this, the tool also simplifies the way you update your info. Rather than choosing the traditional procedure of changing all the links on every account one after another and taking all your time, you can simply update the information on this platform, and the URL that you created earlier remains the same. This way, your followers will constantly be able to find one link, and you get the chance to change the links on different accounts.

Additionally, you will also be able to select basic themes present in this tool, add video, music, or bio, thumbnail, and do a lot more. As more and more people visit the link, this tool will also provide valuable insight into the visitors. You will get to see click-through rates, clicks and link views.

Features of Beacon AI: 

As the number of followers is constantly increasing in this tool, we will check out the number of features and services provided by this Beacons AI. You will get a number of features that are intended to help influencers, content creators and other social media personalities. Here are some of the significant attributes of this AI tool.


As the tool initially started as a primary link aggregator, you might be thinking that it is a straightforward website with some basic colouring and layering tools. However, you will be very much surprised when you visit the site. Beacons AI will let you create a landing page within a matter of a few minutes with its unique layering features and an easy drag-and-drop interface.

It helps you to simply layer the information and link as you would like, choose fonts according to your wish as it has more than 1000 fonts and add tabs. You can customize the appearance of the links you add in unlimited ways. Coming to the background, it is again infinitely customizable. You can easily create coloured gradients from anywhere, add videos or GIFs and do everything that you can possibly imagine.

Embed Contents

Beacons.AI is one of those tools that would help you to embed different kinds of media on the landing page. It helps to give life to the page. You can easily include videos from TikTok or YouTube, or you can add music and also tweets from the Twitter account.

You will be able to show all the recent uploads in a very fashionable and intuitive manner. For instance, it will let your followers visit the profile and take a look at the latest viral clip or witty tweet that you have posted. You can also use sensitive content warnings if it is required.

Monetisation and Digital store 

Beacons.AI is a revolutionizing tool that is more than just a link aggregator. It has changed the entire concept of links in bio service as it has added a range of innovative features. However, one of the most distinctive features is creating miniature digital stores. It is the next level.

Whether you are into selling digital products or other, you can help your followers buy from the store block with this tool. You can easily list all the items you want to sell on the blocks and then post on relevant videos by tagging that particular item. It is an excellent source of marketing.

However, you must keep in mind that the tool charges a 9% commission on every cell you make from their blocks if you are using their free plan. However, you don’t require paying anything if you have chosen the entrepreneur plan.

Other blocks 

Apart from this, Beacons would also let you use a range of other features which you did not know. Surprisingly, all these features become useful for you. For instance, you can find a donation block that makes it easy for you to accept donations. It becomes beneficial for content creators who are into fan donations.

It can also become helpful for charities, fundraisers and other services who are looking forward to finding an easy way to accept donations. One of the best things is that they do not charge transaction fees for this.

You can also find a request block that will help users easily custom requests for a fee. You need to pay a minimal fee for it. However, there are multiple ways you can get creative.

Finally, you can find an appointment block available on this tool. This block can be exceptionally beneficial if you are into consulting services or training. It will help your followers to easily book an appointment using Calendly as it has been integrated into the tool.


As we have already talked about analytics above, let us find out what this tool has to offer more. Beacons.AI provides a proper analytics tool that will help you understand the followers properly. For example, you can find traffic, take a look at how many people are visiting your profile from different platforms, and find out which link has been mostly seen by the followers from your page.

Apart from this, you can also find a precise analysis of the money you are making through the services and sales with exact percentages, patterns and numbers for every service and product. They make use of historical charts to help you track your progress over the course of time.


Beacons basically choose subscription-based services. However, they only have two plans, of which one is free. Most of the features mentioned above are available on the free plan as well.

  1. Creator Plan: This is the basic plan that will help you to monetize the profile. 
  • You can sell digital products
  • Ad infinite links
  • Use TikTok links as an affiliate marketer
  • Use the donation block and accept donations without paying transaction fees
  • Embed music and videos
  • You can customize the teams with several font and button options
  • You can add other social media links to your profile
  • Provide email support
  • Use sensitive content warnings
  1. Entrepreneur Plan: it charges only $10 every month and will help you get access to the intrapreneur plan. Apart from all the features that have been mentioned above, you will also get access to the following.
  • Create custom domain
  • You can remove the Beacons logo and branding.
  • You can make the profile access to your team.
  • Take advantage of better analytics which is improved by UTM parameters, Facebook pixel and Google analytics.
  • Get premium support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • You get access to additional blocks.
  • Other five tabs will be available.

What are the pros and cons of Beacons?

This tool is constantly getting popular due to the range of premium features present in its free plan. However, it is essential for you to analyze before choosing. Following are the significant set of advantages and disadvantages of this tool.


  • The primary thing about this app is that setting it up is extremely easy. As it is powered by artificial intelligence, it might restrict some things while web page creation. However, you will get several alterations to make while starting. Make sure that you are using a valid username along with other social media handles. Later you will be asked by the tool to choose a theme, your primary interest, and if you have an interest in digital products.
  • If you are not impressed with the AI created for you, you have the freedom to create your own according to your desire.
  • One of the most remarkable features present for pro influencers is the custom domain name. It lets you conveniently build your brand with this tool’s help, enabling you to link the domain name to the Beacons.AI bio. This way, people will find it convenient to access your content and find you.


  • One of the major drawbacks is the higher transaction fees that it charges on digital product sales. 9% for a free account is huge. Even when they say that they do not charge an entrepreneur account, they actually charge 5%, which is very overpriced.
  • The range of AI created by those which are designed as per the selected interest might make people feel restricted.

Final Words: 

Beacons.AI is definitely a great tool and is known for its bold services. It was established in 2019, and since then, it has been growing at a huge pace. It has become very useful for influencers and content creators who would like to create a small website. Even businesses can be benefited from this tool as they have the correct content, blocks for marketing, videos and products.


Is Beacons.AI a legit tool? 

Yes, this tool offers a legit service which can be extremely helpful for groups and people with a huge internet presence. Thankfully, you can make a lot of personalization on the content you display.

Is it worth choosing?

Considering the free plan is definitely something which makes it worth it. As it charges nothing but lets you use a different range of features, I would definitely suggest you use it and find out if it is becoming helpful for you. If not, you always have a chance not to use the tool.

Do Beacons take a commission?

Yes. If you are using their free plan, for every sale you make using their Block, they will charge 9% commission on your sales. However, the entrepreneurial plan has a little lesser, where it charges only a 5% commission.

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