Top 10 UAE Fashion Blogger

UAE Fashion Blogger

Fashion is everywhere. People from different parts of the world are looking forward to making them look fashionable. Besides, in today’s date, when the internet has become prevalent, influencers are one of the biggest marketing trends. Similarly, there are several fashion bloggers that are available throughout the world who keep inspiring people with their styles and lifestyle.

Following these people will help you as an individual and a brand to understand how to promote and get styling tips. So if you are looking forward to finding the best UAE fashion bloggers from whom you can get knowledge, the following are the top 10 renowned and top fashion bloggers.

1. Sarah Shafni 

Instagram: @sarashafni

Sarah Shafni is another known personality who is also popular as a global peace ambassador. She has won several award winning blogs. This fashion blogger is definitely one of the best choices to follow and gives a look into how you can live positively, irrespective of your body size. This fashion blogger was born in Dubai, but now she lives in Sri Lanka to promote her body positivity and simple fashionable looks.

On visiting her page, you can find her luxury brands. She has also helped other bloggers to succeed from her platform. Her minimalist style is something that is loved by people from different parts of the world. She has partnered with several renowned brands and has also worked on the red carpet. Currently, she has over 52.2 K followers on Instagram, and you can also follow her if you want to get an understanding of the way to promote your brand and business.

2. Dana Al Hashimi

Instagram: @realdanadee

Dana Al Hashimi is one of the famous names in the lifestyle and fashion industry. She is much more popular as a fashion guru, with more than 418 K followers on her Instagram handle. She posts some of her trendiest locks and her fashionable clothes. She has been sweeping the entire nation with her stylish looks and dresses. Following her Instagram account will help you get an understanding of how to promote your brand or you as an individual.

She has also collaborated with many renowned brands like Mac, cosmetics and Swarovski. On checking her Instagram account, you can find how she continuously is able to follow different fashion trends. She also gives a peek into her daily lifestyle and how she can look stylish in the most comfortable attires.

3. Mariam Mohammad 

Instagram: @mrmr__4

Mariam Mohammad is one of the top lifestyle bloggers and beauty and fashion influencers. She is one of the big names in today’s market. She has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, which makes her one of the big names for the brands. She generally follows Muslim fashion and shows how one can look incredible wearing a hijab. Her unique and modest style is what takes the attention of people.

She is currently living out of Kuwait. She has started her own perfume company named MrMr. One of the unique aspects of this fashion blogger is how she carries her style in the most trendy and polished way. She has also worked with some of the most prominent companies in the world, namely YSL, Sophora and others.

4. Basma Styles 

Instagram: @basmastyles

She is a popular name on Instagram, with more than 74.3 K followers. This influencer is based in Dubai and is popular for her incredible sense of fashion. She is also currently working on television. Her excellent knowledge of fashion and the way to showcase it to her viewers has also made her get the top influencer award. She has worked with some of the most popular brands in the world, like Gucci, Ray Ban and Shein.

She generally uses her Instagram account to showcase current fashion trends. She also works to promote several makeup brands in the UAE. On taking a look at her Instagram account, you will be able to find her incredible sense of fashion and how she uses her platform to promote herself to the world.

5. Aiisha Ramadan 

Instagram: @aiisharamadan

Aiisha Ramadan is a top fashion blogger who has always worked to reach her goals. She is a boss lady and a self-made woman who created her own line of fashion known as AIISHA. Her brand was established back in 2006, and since then, she has been awarded several times. Her fantastic sense of style and great product line has made her achieve her dreams and goals.

She has one young designer of the year award by Swarvoski and also 20 Most awesome women in Arab by the Arabian Woman magazine. Her success and constant work have helped her achieve her goals. She has also successfully partnered with some of the biggest brands and designers internationally and in the UAE. Her Instagram account is handled by her, where she promotes mental health. With more than 100K followers, she has become one of the top names of fashion bloggers in the UAE.

6. Natalia Shostova 

Instagram: @shoestova

Natalia Shostova is one of the most famous names in the fashion world. Whether it is in the UAE or any other part of the world, Natalia Shostova is a name that everyone knows. She generally uses the platform as a fashion consultant and Ambassador. She is currently living out of the way and has her own lifestyle and fashion blog where she talks about the latest beauty trends.

On following her page, you will be able to find some details about how she carries herself. She is one of the biggest inspirations for many passionate women who follow their dreams. With more than 145K followers, she has become one of the top fashion bloggers in UAE. She generally uses her voice to promote products and services on her profile.

7. Latifa 

Instagram: @larifalshamsi

Latifa is a popular fashion blogger who is currently situated out of Dubai. She has completed her bachelor’s degrees and her master’s. She has two bachelor’s degrees, but she chose to choose her passion. Her creation of jewellery brands apart from fashion has made people love her even more. You can find her talking a lot about travel and food if you follow her.

She has more than 378K followers, which make are one of the most successful fashion bloggers in UAE. Her success has made her walk with some of the most renowned brands like Christian Dior, Chanel and Prada. She talks about the latest trends on her Instagram and shows women how they can look in the most decent outfits. You can follow her to get inspiration.

8. Laura Badura 

Instagram: @laurabadura

Laura Badura is a renowned fashion guru and model in the UAE. She is probably one of the most talked about influencers in the world. She has also worked with some of the most renowned brands, like Fashion Nova. Her incredible sense of fashion has made her gain a huge number of followers on her Instagram account. She is the brand ambassador of Lili lashes, and if you check her Instagram, you will find her Instagram is filled with the latest and trendy fashion.

With more than 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account, she has become one of the most significant models in the UAE. Every post linked on her account has the latest fashion look, and she inspires everyone to look beautiful the way they are. You can have a look at her Instagram account and find out how she manages to keep herself trendy in every attire.

9. Sheida 

Instagram: @sheidafashionista

Sheida is known for her incredible sense of fashion. She is a famous influencer who currently resides out of Dubai. She has a successful blog which is focused on lifestyle, beauty and fashion. You can follow her blogs to find out how she carries herself on a daily basis. On following her page, you will find how she chooses simple outfits and make them look trendy.

The way she has used Instagram channels to showcase herself has made her gain a huge number of followers. Currently, she has more than 558K followers on her Instagram account. She works with some of the biggest fashion icons like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Chanel. She is a mother, and she also keeps posting about how one can become a mother yet look fashionable.

10. Lalla 

Intagram: @dubaifashionista

Lalla is basically from Morocco but is based in Dubai. She has her own blog, which is entirely dedicated to fashion in Dubai. You will find the latest trends in fashion, clothing and accessories on her blog. She continuously keeps posting new styles to help people keep looking beautiful. Even with decent clothing, she talks about how to look trendy.

Most of her posts on Instagram follow the Dubai style. Her styles include clothing and accessories from top brands like Chanel, Dior and Saint Laurent. So if you are willing to buy something exotic and trendy, it is better to take a look at her channel to find out if it is worth the money.

Summing Up: 

So this is everything you need to know about the top fashion bloggers in Dubai. All of these names Are popular for their trendy looks and a huge number of subscribers. Whether you Are a fashion brand or a makeup company, you can choose these UAE-based fashion bloggers to promote your product properly.

Following their page will also help you to know how these influencers are able to promote themselves and get the top brands to work with them. So whether you are a company or you want to get inspired, follow these fashion bloggers to get inspired and live a stylish and trendy life.


Do these fashion bloggers collaborate with a brand?

Yes. However, they are very choosy while collaborating with a brand. As these are the top influencers in the market, they mostly choose the profitable brands with potential on the top brands. However, getting in touch with them to know more about their choice to collaborate is better.

How much do fashion bloggers charge to promote a product?

It strongly depends on one influencer to another. Generally, the top influencers in UAE charge a huge sum of money. As they have a huge number of followers and quite a big name in the industry, using them for promotion can be a great help for your brand.

Do I need to choose a UAE-based fashion blogger for a UAE product?

If you are solely based in UAE and want to create products for UAE people, it is better to choose fashion bloggers from UAE. This will help your customers to get a better understanding of the outfits or accessories that they can use in their country.

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