How to improve your Social Media Presence? Social Media Marketing Guide 2022

Social Media Marketing Guide

While it can be intimidating to market a new business to a vast audience, several effective marketing techniques can help you quickly get your audience’s visibility. So, marketers are always in a rush to advertise their services and products to improve their brand awareness. In the world of social media, with a large number of active customers, social media is probably one of the best resources available for most marketers to improve their online visibility. It is a great way to increase brand awareness.

Even after the availability of social media, several brands still struggle to create engagement. They are still unable to reach their target audience. This is why it requires making a strategic plan and then moving into the funnel. In order to stay ahead in the competition, you need to specialize in social media marketing techniques. Learning the skills can help you gain primary knowledge about the process. So, in this article, we will try to guide you with the social media marketing techniques for both experienced and newcomers.

No denial that social media are the result of booming technology. It is not only something that improves communication but also helps businesses to get in touch with their potential customers. So, here in this guide, we will try to find out in detail about social media marketing, its benefits, and some of the most effective strategies you can utilize to improve your marketing reach.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the procedure where you are required to create useful content that you can post on social media platforms. This is usually used for promoting services and products, building community with the target audience, and improving traffic to your business. The platforms and their features that are emerging every day can help businesses to evolve. However, there is a need to choose the right social media platform in order to leverage its full benefits.

Social media marketing is a great way to improve your reach to the targeted customers and audience. Since social platforms have become one of the most active platforms, they can help your customers and businesses to interact. Brands can easily bridge the gap between their customers through social media interaction.

Even when social media marketing is known for its immense value and a lot of benefits that it has on businesses. There is always a need to create a perfect strategy that will help businesses overcome the hurdles. However, in order to ensure better business growth, you have to make sure that you choose the social networks profoundly based on your audience. So, before we find out the effective strategies you can use for social media marketing, we will initially find the top social media marketing platforms you can choose for your business promotion. This will become helpful for you in making informed decisions. 

Top Social Media Marketing Platforms: 


Facebook is known as the biggest social media platform existing at the current time. It is mainly established and has a huge impact on businesses. After it was launched back in 2004, it became one of the most amazing tools for all businesses who want to reach their potential customers. It offers excellent advertising tools and organic opportunities that can be valuable for improving brand awareness for any business.

With a total of 1.9 million daily active users across the world, it has become one of the most impactful social media platforms for all B2C businesses. It can be the best choice for advertising and brand awareness.


Even when Instagram launched only a decade ago, the platform had already taken the world with its amazing features. When it is about visually compelling content, Instagram is probably the first social media platform to come to mind. This is the best choice for brands who want to share visually compelling content with their customers.

With all the features that Instagram has, users can easily browse services and products, discover new brands, and easily make purchases without leaving the app. Instagram is a great choice and is hard to beat with all the features and functionality that it has included.

With a huge 1 billion monthly active users on this social media platform, it can have an immense impact on all B2C businesses. Most of the audience on Instagram are Millennials. It is the best choice for sharing high-quality videos and images, advertising and generating great content.


When it comes to creating short videos, TikTok is probably the first thing to come to mind. This platform gained its popularity in 2020 and has no signs of going down. It is one of the most known platforms with a large number of active users.

With 444 million monthly active users coming from different parts of the world, this platform can be an impactful choice for all B2C industries. It mostly invites audiences who are primarily millennials, and others include generation Z and generation X.


While we have already talked about Instagram, which pays attention to visual content, Twitter generally focuses on words. In the early days, Twitter allowed 140 characters of tweets. However, the platform has now expanded by including audio tools which are now known as Twitter spaces. It also has Twitter communities and moments that let you build community and share interesting content with your followers.

With a huge 211 million active users on a daily basis coming from different parts of the world, Twitter has become one of the most significant choices for both B2C and B2B businesses. The audiences are mostly Millennials, and the platform can be a great choice for customer service, community building, and improving public relations.


It is no harm to say that LINKEDIN is the professional cousin of Facebook. This is a platform that is strongly built for working professionals. For people who are looking for new opportunities or want to get industry-specific knowledge or grow their community, LinkedIn is probably the best choice for them.

With a huge 211 million active users on a daily basis coming from different parts of the world, Twitter has become one of the most significant choices for both B2C and B2B businesses. The audiences are mostly Millennials, and the platform can be a great choice for customer service, community building, and improving public relations.


If you are into the online world, you must know that YouTube is the second most popular platform in the world. According to many customers and marketers, it is the best platform when it comes to building a community. Besides being a popular platform, YouTube is a great way to hold users for longer as it features long-form content. This is why it can be a great and ideal choice for businesses who want to share educational content.

With 315 daily users on this platform coming from different parts of the world, this can be a great choice for both B2B and B2C businesses. It has audiences from different age groups and gender. So, YouTube can be a great choice for creating how-to videos, brand awareness and long-form entertainment videos.


Snapchat was first established in 2011, and it introduced a new way of sharing content with your friends. However, all the content would expire within 24 hours. The platform took its peak in the year 2015 and has been one of the biggest platforms since then. Even when many thought that after the advent of Instagram, Snapchat might go away, Snapchat continues to become a popular platform among young adults.

With almost 306 million users on a daily basis coming from different parts of the world, this platform can be a great choice for all B2C industries. Most of the audience coming to it are primarily from generation Z. It is a good choice for brands who want to advertise and improve their brand awareness.


Pinterest is the visual storyboard that will help you get inspiration from what others say. It is an excellent choice for visually compelling content. So, you will mostly see home decor to fashion information on this platform. 85% of the users have to say that Pinterest will be the first thing they will start from when it comes to choosing a new project.

With 444 million monthly active users coming from different parts of the world, this platform can be an impactful choice for all B2C industries. It mostly invites audiences who are primarily millennials, and others include generation Z and generation X.

How to make a solid social media marketing strategy?

Even when social media is a constantly emerging journey, there are some basic steps you need to perform to succeed. When you choose the steps correctly for your marketing strategy, it will help you to get better results within less time. So, even when you have to narrow down based on your business, we will talk about the basic steps you must choose for your business promotion.

1. Understand your audience or buyer’s persona.

The initial step to creating a perfect social media marketing strategy is to understand your audience and buyers’ persona. You have to understand their interests and needs correctly before you start creating a strategy for them.

In order to do this, you first have to understand the audience you are trying to reach and why. You also have to find out how you would classify them. To help you understand better, let us take an example. If you have a company focusing on trendy joggers and leggings, you must categorize the target audience as Millennials. They will be the ones to wear stylish athletic clothes on a regular basis.

When you consider your buyer’s persona, it will become easier for you to determine the content that will attract this specific group of customers. Apart from this, you also have to learn about creating content that will interest your followers.

2. Choose the right social media platform.

As a social media marketer, it is a must for you to find out the platforms that you want to use for sharing your content. Even when there is no right and wrong answer, when it comes to choosing the social channels, you need to find out where your target audience is. You need to be sure about the platform and the type of active users they get.

According to one of the famous social media marketing managers, it is crucial for any business to be situated where they have their potential customers. They need to be sure about the platform that will bring them customers, today and tomorrow.

For example, if you have a business that mainly focuses on selling different types of clothes or athletic accessories, you can choose Instagram. One of the biggest reasons why we said Instagram is because it has a large number of active Millennials that come to this platform on a regular basis.

So, once you know where your active users are, you might be able to make the right choice of social media platform which will eventually help you in reaching your marketing goals. It will have a great impact in the future. 

3. Find out the important KPIs and metrics.

Irrespective of your industry or cost, you must create a social media strategy that is backed with data. This also means that you are focusing on social media strategies that will actually show results. Rather than just focusing, finding out data and aligning your goals is always advisable.

So what are the most common metrics that you need to check? Let us find out. 

  • Clicks: you will certainly find a large number of clicks on your account or content. Tracking the number of clicks according to the campaign is extremely required to find out the things or activities that drive curiosity or encourage your potential customers to make purchases. With great content, you will find more clicks on your post. 
  • Reach: You have to check the number of reach on a post. It is actually the unique users who are checking your post. So after making every post, you have to make sure about the reach that the post has achieved.
  • Engagement: You have to check the social media interaction. In general, social media interaction can be divided into total impressions. This will shed light on how your potential customers perceive you and how much they are willing to interact.
  • Paid and organic likes: Besides the standard like, search interactions are generally focused on organic or paid content. There is no doubt that organic engagement is very hard, so some brands use ads to improve their likes. When you have knowledge of the differences, it can help you to choose a budget and invest in a proper format.
  • Hashtag Performance: You have to find out your most used hashtags. Make sure that you do some analyses of your competitors to find out the most popular hashtags. You have to ensure that this matches your brand and can help you stay focused on your offerings.
  • Sentiment: This is another metric that measures how the users generally react to your brand, content, or hashtag. It will help you to find if your recent campaign was effective or what sentiment people will associate with the campaign hashtag. Finding out more is always advisable, and then taking the step forward. It is helpful when you make an informed decision. 

4. Find out your competition.

The next most important thing is doing a thorough competitive analysis. This will help you understand who your competitors are and what measures they take to perform well. You will gain considerable knowledge about what the industry expects from you and how to work to improve your social media marketing. It can also be helpful in improving your opportunities.

You might find one competitor dominating on Facebook while others on Instagram or Twitter. However, it is always recommended to choose the right platform as it will help you to get a vast number of potential audiences who can improve your conversion. Choosing the right platform is helpful in the long run. 

5. Create engaging content. 

With a huge number of social media users worldwide, undoubtedly, some of your followers will check your profile. These followers might have already seen your competitors’ content who is also from the same industry.

This is why it is always advisable to focus on creating engaging social media content which will help you to stand out. Since viewers are looking forward to finding unique content, when you create engaging and better content, it will encourage them to come for you every time.

If you want to get ideas about how to be creative, you can check out the content your competitors share. Take ideas from them but do not copy them. Make sure that you input your creativity with the concepts taken from your competitors to create entirely new and engaging content.

6. Post on a proper schedule.

Last but not least is keeping up with consistency. You have to make sure that you are being regular with your post. You cannot expect people to come to your site without doing anything. So, not only do you have to write compelling and engaging content, but also you have to make sure that you write regularly and post on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that you will have millions of other work on a daily basis, and you might forget to post one. Hence, you can take help from the tools that will help you to schedule your post. So, if you have already created content in advance, it is better to keep the post scheduled. It will make sure that you are posting on a regular basis and that your profile remains active. If your content has the power to drive an audience, you will certainly be able to find significant results.

Some of the most common examples of social media tools include HubSpot, Sprout Social and HootSuite. Based on your requirements, you can choose one. 

Frequency of your social media post: 

You might be worried about the number of times you need to post the content. The thumb rule of posting on social media is to have quality. You must have the reason for sharing the content. When you have a good reason, your audience will have too. 

Even if you are posting on a daily basis, you need to ensure its quality. According to most of the leading marketers, quality is always over quantity. So try to post at a reasonable frequency but make sure to exceed the quality. 

Start Using Social Media: 

So now that you have got some major knowledge about social media marketing and effective strategies, it is time that you start utilizing your knowledge. From all the techniques mentioned here, hopefully, you will be able to create your unique plan based on your industry. Remember that you always have to find out your targeted customers and their persona before you start making a strategy.

Your strategies will only be able to acquire better results when you post them on the right platform. So, you are on the right track once you have chosen the right platform and learned how to create excellent quality content. Since it requires enormous effort, selecting the right social media marketing tools is always a better choice. While there are a lot of social media marketing tools available in the market, choosing one based on your requirement is always recommended.

However, if you have an active business and you are not able to manage your social media marketing, it is advisable to choose a reliable social media marketing agency. Since social media digital marketing requires knowledge, expert guidance will always help you stay on the right track. So, if you are looking for a renowned social media marketing company, choose Digital Habibi. With the top expert, you will be able to gain the utmost advantages of having a solid social media presence.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

1. What are the types of social media marketing posts? 

If you want to achieve social media marketing goals, you initially need to understand the types of the social media marketing that you can avail for your business. You can share a range of content on social media to eat the best resource. If you are new, the following are some of the most common types that you can choose to create content and improve engagement.
– Video sharing
– Photos and Image sharing
– Live streaming. 
– Social messaging, 
– Discussion forums. 
– Microblogging. 

2. What is the importance of social media marketing? 

Social media marketing has become one of the most commonly chosen methods by companies as it has a large number of benefits. For a variety of reasons, companies choose this process. Some of the most beneficial reasons include:
– Improving brand awareness
– Boosting conversion and generating leads
– Foster relationship between brands and customers
– Helps to learn from competitors

3. How to choose the best social media marketing company?

If you are willing to enjoy the utmost advantages of social media marketing, you have to make sure that you choose the best social media marketing agency. In the market of so many choices, it might become a hurdle for you to choose one. However, you can always check the reviews ratings and experience before you choose a company to ensure their experience and expertise.

4. Which social media marketing tools are the best? 

There is a range of social media tools that you can choose for your purpose. Since different tools have different features, you need to understand them before you buy. However, being a newcomer, it might become troublesome for you to make the right choice. So it is always suggested to choose a social media marketing agency that can do your job and help you to get better outcomes.

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