How can you create long-form content which can easily convert, rank, and get more views?

long-form content which can easily rank

Most marketers who are into social media marketing or search engine marketing have a common question about the content. Especially when it comes to creating content, one of the most common questions is what is the appropriate content length that has more chances of ranking.

Despite the fact that Google says there is no such specific limit of what count they have recommended, several studies show that long-form content has better chances of ranking compared to the short form. So if you are interested in creating such interactive long-form content, you have to make sure about a multitude of attributes. So in this blog, we will pay attention to understanding the way to create long-form content and how to make it interactive and engaging to get more views, ranking, and conversion.

What do you mean by long-form content? 

Most of the people consider content to be categorized as long-form content when it is more than 1000 words. Such content can provide additional information and in-depth value to the reader who is looking forward to getting comprehensive knowledge. It includes detailed insights, information, and research rather than a short form of content.

Readers must feel comfortable about the subject when it is about reading long-form content. It should be created in a manner so that readers are able to get answers to most of their questions. It also must include some research and statistical information to provide more value to the answers. A long-form content typically comprises comprehensive information on the subject. 

Factors to consider including in your long-form content

If you are creating content with the sole intention of helping readers, you have to think a lot about them. You have to pay attention to what their primary needs are. What question might they be searching for? It is entirely the responsibility of the writer to anticipate some of the most common questions that are asked by the searchers.

Undoubtedly, it can be hard, but here is a guide that I have provided that will help you to find information. It can help you to write questions and then provide answers depending on the industry you belong to.

  • What are they looking for?
  • Why are they searching for information?
  • What will the users do after getting all the information?
  • How will this information have an impact on them?
  • What could be their next step?

Make sure that you do not include unnecessary words just to increase the word count. You need to be sure that you are providing information in content that will help your ideal customers, so they find new information whenever they require information.

In case the readers find another website more valuable, they are likely to swap and follow those websites. There are lesser chances to return back to your website. So make sure that you’re writing a proper story and not using unnecessary words. The entire content must be worth the time and information.

Where to start when it comes to creating long-form content? 

While you start writing content, you have to keep in mind that there should be a conversion path for the reader. The pieces of your content should be created in a manner that you can easily tie the services and products to improve conversion and revenue.

When you answer the questions of the potential customer and provide all the required information, there are more chances of conversion. When you pay attention to the issues, you need to be helpful and provide additional information to help users take the next step. 

If you want to make sure about the content conversation, you have to create the conversion path initially. So everything that you write must be tied to your services and products. Since contents are the pillars, creating topics associated with the services and products can significantly encourage readers to take action.

When it is about creating long-form content that you want to rank on Google, you have to be strategic. In case you don’t, it will not drive proper traffic or convert and will eventually waste all the efforts that you have put into creating the long-form content. 

How to create long-form content that ranks on search engines?

Inevitably, you cannot control the algorithm of Google rankings. However, at least we know how it works. Understanding the way it works can help us to create useful content. Initially, you need to verify the demand of search engines to find the topic idea, choose a proper keyword with the most chances of ranking, right, and information, a piece of content for your audience, and finally optimize it with the several attributes of search engine optimization. 

  1. Make sure of an interesting topic: 

You need to start by ensuring that your audience likes the content. Something that seems great for You might not be valuable for your readers. When no one is searching for such information on the subject, you’re likely to get less traffic from it. The first big step is gathering valuable insight into your readers’ or customers’ requirements. 

Now that being said, search volume is not the only factor that you need to check while choosing a keyword. A lot of brainstorming needs to be done when it comes to selecting topics that you would cover. Following are some ideas that can be incredibly beneficial for you to understand the subject.

  • You have to check whether the information about the topic is already existing.
  • Find out the websites that you want to use for creating the content piece.
  • Make sure that you create a new angle and provide new insight and information to make it unique.

If you’re not yet able to find the best topic, you can use the Google suggested search tool to find out more. Getting topic ideas can help you to improve your potential reach.

  1. Start researching for keywords. 

Once you’re sure about the topic, it is time that you pay attention to keyword research. I know that it can be challenging, but thankfully, many tools can help you identify the keywords you must target for long-form content. It takes away half of your effort. One of the best things about creating this content is you will be able to include multiple keywords within one content.

You must choose all the keywords wisely. Find out the primary keywords and check the search volume. Make sure that it has the ability to rank on the search engine. Apart from that, it is also associated with your business services, or products can further help you in improving the relevancy and conversion.

  1. Choose the right keywords: 

It is time for you to make some analysis. You can choose Google and find out the websites that are already ranking on the search engine for the keywords you have already chosen as a primary keywords. Make sure that the websites are similar to your website, whether they are reputed companies or brands, what kind of articles they publish, and whether you can provide more value and information than the websites that are already ranking.

If you find that all the websites are ranking similarly to your website, but the content could have been more informational and in-depth, you can start creating articles. However, make sure that you write informative pieces of content with a proper keyword selection. It is better that you choose keywords that have a huge search volume and improve your chances of getting ranked when searched by your potential customers.

Things to do to improve the readability of your content:

Content readability is one of the most important things when it comes to improving conversion and views. Content that is readable is far easier to access. Since most people are busy, they are less likely to choose content that has complex sentences. 

So, being a digital creator, you must pay attention to creating easy-to-read and understandable content. Use natural and easy words that everyone from every age can understand.

  1. Use easy and short words: 

You should always work by understanding your customer’s perspectives. Remember that word becomes more complex when it has more syllables. So it is generally recommended not to use four-syllable words as it can be really hard for some readers. You must know that not everyone has a strong vocabulary as you do. 

Initially, you need to understand the group of readers and their ages. Depending on your potential readers’ group, you can choose to create articles. However, I will strongly suggest picking easy and smaller words so that your readers do not have to use a dictionary.

  1. Keep short sentences: 

If you don’t want to bore your readers, you have to create smaller sentences. Remember that when your copy has longer sentences, it will eventually lead to taking the concentration away. So the principle is to use small sentences to keep attention.

You can take yourself as an example and try reading a very long sentence. You will get bored and switch to another article offering the same information but in a readable format with short paragraphs. So if you have already created sections, try to break them into smaller ones.

  1. Do not use jargon: 

When it is about creating long-form content, you have to be very specific. You cannot just use anything that you want. Every paragraph should be informational and insightful. Your readers must get knowledge from every line they read.

Hence, you have to make sure that you are choosing a professional writer. Using jargon will only lead to increasing the bounce rate. So pay attention to using information rather than using jargon.

  1. Choose friendly fonts: 

Even when it is not a part of the writer, it is an essential aspect when it comes to increasing readability. Therefore, many fancy fonts might look intuitive to You, but in order to make your content readable, you have to stick to user-friendly fonts.

Some of the most common fonts that are known for being highly readable include Times New Roman, Helvetica, Open Sans, and Arial.

The final step of content optimization: 

All the keywords that you have researched must be used in your content. It can be greatly beneficial if you use the keywords in the first paragraph of your content or the headings. Make sure that the keyword is also associated with the content topic.

Your keywords must be flawlessly included in headings paragraphs in a proper flow. It could be even better if you are able to use a keyword on your image file, URL, and header tags.

Make sure you break your content into multiple paragraphs and add sub-headings. Using keywords in the sub-headings improves the chances of getting ranked. You have to focus on providing keywords depending on your content so that it can seamlessly fit with the content, headings, and title.

When done right, long-form contents are a great choice: 

Longform contents are a great choice and an excellent investment. It might take longer to create such informational and long-form, in-depth content compared to short-form content, but the payoffs are really amazing. If you want your content to rank, you have to pay attention to focus on long-form content. Informational and in-depth content and something that Google loves.

Since it is a lot more time taking, it can be difficult for any business person to find such ample time. Hence, choosing someone who can create professional content and optimize it from the SEO point of view can improve the chances of conversion and ranking. You can also select Digital Habibi if you wish to enjoy improved results. 

As a part of marketing for a long time now, I have understood the potential of long-form content. Not only can I make sure to create content based on your industry that would have the maximum chances of reach but also I can make sure that it is optimized thoroughly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do businesses from different industries need to create long-form content? 

Yes! Businesses that want to improve their search ranking need to use a content marketing strategy. Nothing can be more beneficial and profitable than choosing to create long-form content. Regardless of the industry you belong to, long-form content has infinite value in improving your ranking, value, and conversion.

Can anyone create this long-form content?

No! It takes professional content writers with the ability to do in-depth research that can help to create this long-form content. Since it is time taking and needs accurate and relevant information, it is better that you choose professionals to prepare this content.

Are there tools to check readability? 

You must create content by following a proper structure, never just create straight content but make paragraphs. Following are some effective tips that you must practice while creating long content. 

Create multiple paragraphs
Make short sentences
Don’t use hard words
Use keywords on headings

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