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Now that you have already developed a unique WordPress website and have spent a lot of time researching and creating interactive content, it is time when you expect multiple engagements on your website. You must be hoping that now that you have done everything on your website, visitors will come automatically. However, the sad truth is that there is no such assurance.

If you wish to drive more organic traffic to your website, the most important thing for search engine optimization is views. It is the next most crucial step that you must not forget. SEO is an ongoing process that can be highly beneficial for any WordPress website due to the huge resources available. 

In order to optimize the WordPress website, you will be able to select a quality theme and the SEO plug-in available on this platform. Implementing the plug-ins can improve the SEO strategy, thereby helping you improve your website’s overall quality. However, if you are new and you don’t have much idea about plug-ins and how they work along with how they can be beneficial for your website, make sure that you keep reading the following sections.

What is the primary work of SEO plug-ins?

SEO is a field that requires a vast amount of study. It covers content optimization, keyword research, adding links, and much more. You must know that any quality plug-in that comes with WordPress has the capability of optimizing your page so that it gets the ability to rank higher on the search engines. There are several SEO plug-ins on WordPress that you can choose to improve your ranking on search engines.

However, if you are not aware of the most famous names of WordPress plug-ins, you can read the following. Here are the top SEO plug-ins for WordPress that we have listed to help you understand and make a corrective choice.

Top 11 best WordPress google SEO plug-ins:

Yoast SEO: 

Used SEO plug-in is probably one of the most commonly heard names when it comes to WordPress plug-ins. Every expert who has used the WordPress event for one day knows this SEO plug-in. Choosing this free SEO plug-in for WordPress can help you explore some of the most critical features that you require for website optimization. Some of the commonly known features include XML sitemap creation, previews of SERP, meta description rating and a lot more.

It also includes the on-page SEO insight feature, which makes them different from others. Using this feature will talk about the way to incorporate the targeted keywords in the best manner. It will tell you if you have used the keywords too many times, along with the best way to optimize the meta description, title, and page URL. Therefore, this free SEO plug-in for WordPress can guide you throughout and manage the elements based on the top SEO practices.

It is the ideal choice for a team of writers who are working for your website. They will simply love this plug-in as it has the features which improve reader experiences. Therefore you can take actionable tips and optimize content according to this plug-in. Thus, not only can it provide delightful experiences to the search engines but also the readers.


You must know that a data-driven approach will always provide the best result. Without having accurate data, it is not possible to create a good and robust SEO strategy. It is why choosing HubSpot’s free SEO plug-in for WordPress can be a good choice.

Making use of this plug-in, you will be able to monitor the quality and quantity of traffic on each page and zoom in to get a complete overview of the website. This plug-in has a great design that helps you discover where to pay the most attention without leaving your website.

One of the best things about this free SEO plug-in for WordPress is that it comes with email marketing, live chat and forms that can help your business grow.

Hub spot is the best choice for scaling and small businesses as it has a lot of features available for free. Apart from this, it can seamlessly work with WordPress without needing much expertise.

All in one SEO: 

With more than 20,00,00 professionals making use of this plug-in, it has become one of the most common choices of experts when they want a good tool for on-page SEO. The fantastic SEO audit checklist included in the plug-in helps analyze the entire website and discover the errors. It also provides recommendations to the experts so that they can improve the website’s SEO and boost its traffic.

The all-in-one SEO plug-in can generate and submit sitemaps automatically to search engine results like Google, Yahoo, Bing and much more. Therefore, using this quality plug-in for your WordPress website can be valuable in improving your web presence. Other critical features included in this plug-in SEO WordPress include a knowledge graph, local SEO, AMP, schema, and much more.

It can be the best choice for businesses that have just started and want to save money and time. So, both small and local businesses who want to improve their revenue model and sales can choose this quality and simple SEO WordPress plug-in.

Rank Math: 

Rank math is another plug-in that is highly helpful for you to optimize the website while writing content, offering real-time post insights and a good dashboard on your WordPress interface. You can easily optimize meta descriptions and titles available in a snippet review, thereby reducing the chances of errors. One of the best things about this plug-in is that it has been optimized to get a speedy website. It makes sure that it is fast so that it does not have any impact on the speed of your site and hamper your SEO efforts.

Apart from this, it has been included with SEO features like 404 monitoring, Redirections and SEO for the woocommerce website. This plug-in can be a great choice for SEO, health website management, and content. The advanced analytical module keeps the essential data you need at your fingertips.


It is absolutely no use doing SEO without keeping track of the performances and analytics. When you have the knowledge about how your strategies are working on your website, it becomes easier to take the following steps. Monsterinsights is one such name that can help you with comprehensive performance and analytics tracking. This WordPress plug-in allows you to get Google Analytics on the WordPress dashboard, making it easier to gain detailed insight into the best way to improve your website’s performance.

You will not have to use any codes for installing the Google analytics tracking prescription. When you use this plug-in, you will exactly be able to see how people use your website or find your website. It also has a content report that shows which pages are mostly visited by your customers. However, if you think that Google Analytics can be very complicated for you, MonsterInsights have streamlined the fundamental way of using data and simplified it without even logging into the Google analytics platform.

It can be the ideal choice for stakeholders and marketers who are willing to optimize the website to improve conversions. I can say that you will be able to get all the data that you require to make an informed decision.

WP Meta SEO: 

Are you working on a website redesign? It is a great choice, but you must not forget to optimize the new pages for search engines. Choosing WP Meta SEO can be a good choice of the plug-in as it provides meta information to the editors. Therefore, it becomes easy to perform website optimization throughout the site at once. Hence, it can be beneficial to save a significant amount of time.

It has also been integrated with the Google search console that offers keyword suggestion features. Therefore, you will be able to use the exact data that Google offers. Making informed decisions about keyword strategy can be highly beneficial in adding value to your website.

This fantastic plug-in can be a better choice for the marketer or entrepreneurs who have to handle SEO, website and content on their own. It includes the bulk editor feature, which can speed up and streamline the workflow so that you will be able to spend more time crafting content to reach a larger audience.

Premium SEO pack: 

Why is Premium SEO Pack considered unique? Well, the answer is because of the advanced features included in this plug-in that can easily handle the SEO elements that most of the other plug-ins do not have. This plug-in consists of the foundational components that are available in Google analytics monitoring. It also includes other impressive features like Rich snippet, Per speed, Link building and 404 checkings. Thus, choosing this top WordPress Google SEO plug-in can be a better choice to acquire detailed knowledge about the internal linking structure.

This SEO plug-in can be a better choice for creatives who want to host portfolios on the internet. With the notifications they get about how friendly the images were and using JavaScript for speed, this premium quality plug-in can become a priority.


Your SEO strategy can improve only when you’re back with accurate and precise data. With a good plug-in like Rankie, you will be able to get more data and make an intelligent SEO decision for the website. As it helps to track the ranking and create a comprehensive report, this plug-in can offer valuable insight that can help you to make substantial modifications to the pages without the need for opening or moving out from WordPress.

Making use of this powerful plug-in, you can target keywords and track them to monitor the ongoing performance. You can also add new keywords that visitors use to find products or services similar to yours.

It is an excellent choice for a marketing data analyst or SEO expert who would want a clear understanding of their website performance in the search engine result pages.


Think about the situation when you need to delete a page that you don’t need anymore. However, that same page has got a good rank on Google and has high-volume keywords. You have also obtained several bank links pointing to that specific page, and hence you don’t want to lose the efforts that you have made. So is it possible for you to delete the page without losing all the achievements?

The answer is yes; you will be surprised and happy to know that implementing the 301 redirects can notify Google to look for another page instead of the one that is no longer necessary. The 301 redirects are the essential elements in an SEO strategy which help to accomplish achievement without losing a single effort. The only need is to specify the new URL that you would want to link, and it’s done.

It can be an ideal choice for the development or marketing team who have just started with the website redesign.


After being the go-to SEO kit that helps in keyword research and several other SEO data to improve campaigns, this powerful plug-in has been developed for WordPress to offer actionable insight directly on the platform or dashboard.

Some of the most remarkable and unique features that make this plug-in different from others include the bank link analyses. Apart from this, it will also be able to perform a comprehensive SEO analysis based on the data from Google analytics. It includes the content audit tool to get real-time recommendations while producing content.

It can become the ideal choice for social media managers and PR professionals. They can enjoy the benefit of using data and creating content and SEO strategy accordingly. Understanding the bank link profile improves the partnership opportunities and increases the number of guest collaborators to help improve your website traffic. 


If you are an owner of a business who would like to make a website redesign to improve user experience, SEOPress is one of the best choices. You need this plug-in if you are looking for an all-in-one package that includes redirections, site maps, schemas and breadcrumbs. It will guide you to optimize meta descriptions and titles along with submitting a sitemap to the Google index. It can even find out the broken links, and everything happens from the WordPress dashboard.

Bottom line:

While there are several other free SEO plug-ins for WordPress, these are the top 12 best plug-ins for WordPress websites. Making use of them can be a great choice to improve your website’s performance and value. Remember to use a powerful SEO plug-in as it can take care of the multitude of things that you need to do in search engine optimization of any website.

However, it requires ample time and effort to find results. So it is often recommended to use the best SEO expert who has the knowledge of WordPress SEO. Choosing digital Habibi can be an excellent reward for all your efforts to create a fantastic website that replicates your thoughts. Being someone working in this industry for seven years now I have acquired comprehensive knowledge about SERP.

I know that it is a need to stay on-trend and knowledgeable of the Google updates. So, with me, not only will you be able to find more engagement and conversion but also improve the performance over time. While you take care of your business, I am here to take the responsibility of the WordPress website marketing completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a WordPress website?

In modern times, when it comes to staying mobile-friendly and trendy, choosing WordPress themes can be a faster choice. Since you get several themes from which you can select along with some of the free SEO plug-ins for WordPress websites, not only can you design the website in a less amount of time but also manage the performance using the top on-page SEO plug-in for WordPress. WordPress is one of the platforms with a huge number of users due to its user-friendliness, mobile-friendliness, availability of choices and reasonable price.

Which factors make a simple SEO WordPress plug-in?

A simple SEO WordPress plug-in is one of the basic needs for most marketers. When I say simple, I mean that it will have all the data and analytics placed in one dashboard. Users need not move out of their WordPress website to use the plug-in. So, you have to make sure that you choose correctly while finding the best yet simple SEO WordPress plug-in.

How much do experts charge for the WordPress Google SEO plug-in?

It does not happen like that. When you choose an expert, not only do they make sure to create a WordPress website but also make sure to use SEO WordPress plug-in download for their purpose. Depending on what they need, they can also use any free SEO plug-in for WordPress. So, the package will depend on the entire thing, from what process design to marketing.

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